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You have successfully registered for Spring 2021 Interfraternity Council Recruitment. We are excited for you to join our IFC Community. You do not have to be on or near campus to join a fraternity! Below is an overview of the recruitment process that may answer lingering questions. A far more in-depth breakdown video will be available to PNMs after registration closes on January 15th!

If you are looking to register for Panhellenic Sorority Recruitment please visit uscpanhellenic.com.


      The Interfraternity Council plans on hosting Spring 2021 Recruitment exactly as shown in the schedule below. However, alterations have occurred to comply with national, state, and university restrictions related to COVID-19.

      Profile Picture. Profile pictures are important as it helps members put a face to your name when making selections. It is important your picture is a clear picture of you, with just you. If you do not have a picture, please upload one as they are required.

      IFC Wellness Day: IFC chapters host an all-inclusive education experience on campus. This is required for every new member and active member. IFC Wellness Day will take place in February 2021.

The university reserves the right to further review recruitment registrations to verify compliance. Registration through Campus Director is tentative and does not guarantee verification of eligibility. Registrants found out of compliance with this policy will notified and will be unregistered and removed from the recruitment processes.

Spring 2021 IFC Finalized Recruitment Schedule

We have appreciated the patience of all our prospective and current members as we took the time to finalize exactly what recruitment would look like in the Spring of 2021. We have always been committed to hosting recruitment and welcoming new members to our community. While Spring 2021 will be a continuation of the altered recruitment process, we still highly encourage all USC undergraduates who are interested in potentially joining an IFC fraternity to participate.

First, we will outline our updated recruitment format and explain the changes that have been made. The following adjustments reflect our commitment to following university restrictions related to COVID-19. Public safety is of the utmost importance and has driven our decision to once again host our recruitment through an entirely virtual medium. We have also taken feedback from our Fall 2020 virtual recruitment into consideration when designing our Spring format.

Spring 2021 Recruitment will take place as follows:




# of Chapters

Time per Chapter

January 23

Round 1, Day 1

1-5pm PST

16 (First 8)

30 min

January 24

Round 1, Day 2

1-5pm PST

16 (Second 8)

30 min

January 25-29

Informal Round




January 30

Round 2

1-3pm PST


30 min


Each formal round will take place virtually over Zoom, a platform all of our PNMs and active members have extensive experience with. During these rounds, PNMs will have the opportunity to meet brothers from each chapter for the specified periods of time. Chapters will have autonomy to structure their Zoom rounds however they want. This means that events may look different from chapter to chapter.

For the first round, every PNM will be required to meet with each of our 16 chapter. After each round, PNMs and chapters will both utilize CampusDirector to enter preferences. Based on mutual selection, CampusDirector will determine which chapters a PNM will visit for the subsequent round. Each new round gives our PNMs and chapter members the opportunity to learn more about each other and form new connections.

The informal round is a new addition this semester that we believe will alleviate the screen time required from PNMs while also allowing them to communicate with chapters at their own pace. During this Monday-Friday block, PNMs will be able to reach out directly to their remaining 8 chapters to schedule a time to continue speaking. Rather than being limited to Zoom, PNMs can now speak with active members over FaceTime, text, Snapchat, Xbox, etc. The informal round requires more agency from our PNMs as they will be expected to reach out directly to rush chairs! No in person meetings between PNMs and active members are allowed at any point in the recruitment process. More information on the informal round will follow soon.

While we recognize that a virtual medium is still not the preferred method, we believe that this format will still give PNMs the opportunity to meet with members from all 16 chapters and ultimately decide which chapter, if any, they are interested in joining.

IFC is continually committed to the DEI initiatives implemented in the Summer of 2020 aimed at dismantling the racism and classism that exists within Greek Life at USC. Many of these initiatives are related directly to the recruitment process. For an in-depth breakdown of our plan, please refer to our website (uscifc.com).

Once again, we thank you all for your patience as we navigate this constantly changing environment. IFC is committed to welcoming in new members this Spring and ensuring that recruitment is the inclusive, respectful process it should have always been. Please stay tuned for more updates as we have them. As always, you can contact us directly though our website.