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Welcome to Interfraternity Council (IFC) Spring 2020 Recruitment Registration!

IFC Recruitment is from January 9th-19th 2020. More information can be found on the USC IFC website

Looking to learn more about Panhellenic Sorority Recruitment? Click HERE.


  1. Pre-Survey: Before you start your fraternal journey, please take a moment to complete this pre-survey: https://baseline.campuslabs.com/uosc/uscifcprespring2020
  2. IFC Recruitment Kick-Off. Kick off will be in Bovard on January 9th. Doors open at 4:30pm and the event will start around 5:00pm. Please be on time!
  3. Profile Picture. Profile pictures are important as it helps members put a face to your name when making selections. It is important your picture is a clear picture of you, with just you. If you do not have a picture please upload one as they are required.
  4. Schedule Conflict: If you have a scheduling conflict that limits your ability to participate (competition, internship, etc.), please complete the form below. Chapter recruitment chairs will use this to understand if you are going to be present. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeE2uVohqjphRLtI40TdCbkPyonYzJ6eDpnocboit8xAfZsIw/viewform
  5. IFC Wellness Day: IFC chapters host an all inclusive education experience on campus. This is required for every new member and active member and an official date will be coming soon.


Beginning fall 2018, students interested in joining a fraternity or sorority must have completed a minimum of 12 academic units at USC and earn a minimum USC grade point average of 2.50.  Transfer students are eligible after completing one academic year of college coursework, post high school graduation.  Verification of eligibility is through students accessing an online portal and submitting their USC ID. Status is determined based on the information available in the university records. For more information please visit the Fraternity & Sorority Leadership Development website. 

The university reserves the right to further review recruitment registrations to verify compliance. Registration through Campus Director is tentative and does not guarantee verification of eligibility. Registrants found out of compliance with this policy will notified and will be refunded, unregistered and removed from the recruitment processes.  The Fraternity & Sorority Leadership Development team is unable to update student academic records, including GPA or units.